Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye, the condition in which the eyes don’t produce sufficient moisturizer, is a common byproduct of aging can both cause discomfort and damage eye tissue. At Eye Physicians of Austin, located in Austin,Texas, our specialist offer a wide range of treatment options for remedying dry eye.

Dry Eye Treatment Q & A

What causes dry eye?

Dry eye are caused by a lack of moisture. This can occur if the tear ducts are damaged or if they become blocked. Tear production can also begin to decrease as a person ages. Dry eye can additionally be caused by the use of certain types of medications. Antihistamines that are taken to help control allergies are often responsible for drying up the tear ducts, much in the same way that they dry up the sinuses. Health conditions like arthritis can also affect the body's ability to produce tears. The condition cannot be prevented, but it can be effectively treated through the use of eye drops and laser procedures used to re-open tear ducts.

Can dry eye damage vision?

A lack of sufficient moisture that results in dry eyes can eventually lead to vision damage. Eyes that are constantly red and irritated or feel as if they're full of dust or sand may be an indication of dry eyes. A strong burning sensation can also indicate that the surface of the eye isn't sufficiently moisturized. If the conditions persist, blurred or hazy vision may occur. Over time, the continued dryness may cause scar tissue to form on the surface of the eye resulting in a permanent loss of vision. If these symptoms persist for long periods, it's extremely important to visit an ophthalmologist to receive treatment.

How is dry eye treated?

There are many treatment options that can correct the discomfort of dry eye. Learning to blink more often will help keep the eyes moisturized and well-hydrated. Increasing the level of humidity in the home or workplace may also help. Eye drops and lubricating ointments can also be extremely effective. If the condition persists, the doctor may permanently close the drainage ducts that allows tears and moisture to drain from the eye. If the tear ducts are blocked, the doctor may attempt to open them with the use of a laser or surgical procedure.