Cataract Surgery Specialist

The leading team of specialists at Eye Physicians of Austin, located in Austin, Texas, offer expert diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, which affect 24.4 million Americans over the age of 40, and half of all Americans over age 75.

Cataract Surgery Q & A

What is a cataract?

A cataract is a condition that affects the lens of the eye. The lens inside the eye naturally begins to lose transparency and becomes cloudy over time. As a person ages the chemical makeup of the eye begins to change. In most cases the changes are gradual so patients often don’t realize their vision has become blurry. Because cataracts produce a cloudiness inside the eye, adjusting a person’s glasses or contact lens prescription doesn’t help correct their vision. Protecting your eyes from direct sunlight and ultraviolet light exposure may slow the progression of a cataract.

What are the symptoms associated with cataracts?

Cataracts aren’t painful but do have a variety of other symptoms. Common symptoms include: blurred or hazy vision, sensitivity to bright lights and glare, a feeling of a “film” that covers the eyes, and a sudden change in glasses prescription. Once a cataract begins to form it can’t be reversed. The only option to improve vision once a cataract is present is to have cataract surgery. Most cataracts are diagnosed in people who are 55 years of age and older, though sometimes much younger individuals develop cataracts too.

How are cataracts treated?

When cataracts significantly blur vision they need to be surgically removed. Cataract surgery is a very successful operation which is the most common surgery performed in the United States. Once the cloudy natural lens is removed during surgery a new intraocular lens will be implanted. There are many types of intraocular lenses that are available and it is possible to be less dependent on glasses and contact lenses after cataract surgery. After careful measurements of your eyes, a cataract surgeon can discuss which lenses you are a candidate for to help make your vision as good as possible.