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Is Ordering Prescription Glasses Online Your Best Choice?

I am guilty of shopping online. I buy shoes, clothes, golf supplies, my cell phone, but I have never considered buying my glasses online.

Recently, patients have been curious about buying glasses online. I always tell them “You are sacrificing quality and the accuracy of you prescription, and you lose out on the dispensing process when ordering your glasses online.”

The dispensing process is the most valuable part of ordering new prescription glasses. This is where the optician measures the distance between your pupils, also known as PD, they measure the segment height for bifocals and progressive lenses. After the lenses are made, they check safety parameters to make sure they were made with proper grade lens materials. The optician also checks for prescription accuracy and lens treatments, such as anti-reflective coating, UV protection and scratch resistance. The optician can hold the lens lab accountable if something was made in error. They cannot help you in any of these areas if you purchase your glasses online. The prices may be more appealing when shopping online, but the service you get from the local optician is priceless.

Ordering your glasses online can become a headache, literally, if something goes wrong. Hopefully I can help you make the decision that it may be easier to order eyewear online, but not always better. Your eyes are precious. Leave ordering your glasses to trained professionals.

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