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Allergy Eye Treatment Austin TX


Eye Physicians of Austin offers help during peak spring, summer allergy season

The arrival of spring means that many Austinites are experiencing itchy, watery eyes and a range of other seasonal eye allergy symptoms.

“Allergy season is all year long in Central Texas,” says Dr. K. Randy Pierce, a board-certified ophthalmologist with Eye Physicians of Austin. “Oak, cedar and elm pollen are creating eye allergy problems right now, and grass pollen isn’t far behind.”

The most common eye allergy symptoms are redness, tearing, burning, blurred vision, and excess mucous production. The most effective way to reduce symptoms is to avoid the allergen, but if that’s not possible, effective treatments are available.

“Cold compresses help soothe the eyes and reduce irritation, and artificial tears or eyedrops help flush allergens out of your eyes. Over-the-counter antihistamine drops can also reduce the symptoms for many people,” says Dr. Pierce.

“The good news is that seasonal allergies don’t last forever,” he adds. “When the pollen goes away, so do the symptoms. If the symptoms persist, you probably have an allergy to dust, pet dander, or another substance that you encounter on a daily basis. If that’s the case, consult an ophthalmologist to find out how to treat your ongoing allergy. Prescription eye drops are available to treat chronic allergic symptoms.”